New Homes for Older Images

It is always nice when older images find new homes.  When I look back at my work from 2015 and earlier, it is often easy for me to find flaws simply because I have progressed so much as a photographer since that time.  Most of the landscape images I once thought were great I am no longer proud of.  But, there are certain exceptions that have and will continue to stand the test of time and it is a rewarding feeling when those images are published in magazines or purchased by clients.  Here are a couple of images from my early days of photography that were recently published in Tahoe Quarterly and Nevada Magazine. 

Common Chuckwalla Lizard in Valley of Fire State ParkCommon chuckwalla Lizard at Valley of Fire State Park2

Common chuckwalla Lizard at Valley of Fire State Park in Southern Nevada.  2014.

Yuba River Bend as seen in Tahoe Quarterly Summer 2020 Issue

"Yuba Bend" Yuba River.  California.