Top Lake Tahoe Landscape Images of 2019

Fine Art Lake Tahoe Landscape Photography -- 2019

While we did mange to travel in 2019, I spent quite a bit of time shooting landscapes in the Lake Tahoe Basin whenever I had free time.  From stormy black and white scenes to vibrant, colorful sunsets, I was able to add quite a few unique images to the Lake Tahoe Basin Gallery.  Living in South Lake Tahoe, I am always aware that moments like these can be enjoyed and captured right in my backyard.   Here are some of the highlights: 

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe Sunrise

"The Light Between the Storms"

Above the Clouds, Looking into Hope Valley.  Stormy black and white winter landscape photograph.

"Above the Clouds, Looking into Hope Valley"

Morning inversion fog layer lifting over South Lake Tahoe, California

"Inversion Light"

Along the West Shore and Into the Clouds.  Lake Tahoe Basin.  California.
"Along the West Shore and Into the Sky"

"Transitioning to Winter"

Moon Dunes Summer Sunset.  Kings Beach.  California.

"Moon Dunes Summer Sunset"

"Golden East Shore Light"

Stormy Spring Reflections.  Fallen Leaf Lake.  California."Stormy Spring Reflections"

Sunset Reflections in Calm Waters.  East Shore.  Lake Tahoe.  Nevada. "Sunset Reflections in Calm Waters"

Colorless East Shore Panorama "Colorless East Panorama"